Re: [whatwg] MutationObserver Spec for AddedNodes Timing & network requests

>That said, I can't reproduce the behavior you claim. alerts "evil" for me in Chrome. 
If the alert scripts are referenced as external js files it will alert
good.js in Chrome. But I assume it's then a bug in Chrome that Data URLs
are treated differently.

> No. It would disable several performance optimizations related to page
> loads.
>I think it would be terrible if registering a MutationObserver is forced to disable the preload scan (especially because you never know whether the MutationObserver will get registered at all until you start running scripts, at which point your preload scan is already >going along), so I disagree with this being a great solution. 

Okay understood, bad idea ;) However, I think the problem remains. I'm
fiddling with filtering and "full control" of what is displayed on a
user PC since many years (starting with local proxies and then UserJS),
still this doesn't seem to be very consistent cross different UAs:

- Chrome dropped the event beforeload
- Firefox has beforescriptexecute (but only for scripts, of course)

Standard supported by all:

- unload
- counterpart: beforeunload
- load
- counterpart: ???

This doesn't sound too bad "Safari 5.0 and later (and other WebKit-based
browsers) generates a "beforeload" event before loading each subresource
belonging to a webpage. The "beforeload" event is generated before
loading every script, iframe, image, or style sheet specified in the
webpage, for example." from

Anyone knows why this never made it into the spec? Or are there


Received on Monday, 21 July 2014 16:43:06 UTC