[whatwg] Proposal to add website-* meta extensions


I would like to propose addition of the following three meta extensions:
website-mail, website-number and website-address.

Please find below a detailed description for each.

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The website-mail meta extension defines a suggested e-mail ID, such as the
customer support mail ID, specified by the vendor. 

The website-number meta extension defines a proposed phone number, such as
the customer support number, specified by the vendor. 

The website-address meta extension defines a given address (or geolocation
tag), such as the vendor's office address or billing address.


UA's displaying a page containing any or all of these meta extensions could
then make this information directly available for the user's perusal.


Oft times visitors have to hunt through a vendor's site for obtaining the
customer support mail ID, phone number etc. which is mostly hidden behind a
not so prominently displayed "Help" or "Contact Us" link.

Vendor's specifying their registered mail ID, phone number and/or their
address via these meta extensions can thus expect supporting UA's to present
this information to the user in an easily accessible format, either by way
of a browser menu option (such as "mail", "call", "map") or via the URL bar
scheme handler or in another similar format.

Selecting these menu options, if available, should launch the default mail
application with the specified mail ID, the dialer application with the
given contact number or, the default maps application loaded with the
specified address/location tag respectively.

No known existing meta extensions with a similar name/intention exist.


<meta name="website-mail" content="abc@xyz.com">

The content attribute for the website-mail meta extension can take any valid
email ID.

<meta name="website-number" content="+1-555-555-5555">

The content attribute for the website-number meta extension can take any
valid phone number.

<meta name="website-address" content="Jane Doe, 5844 South Oak Street,
Chicago, Illinois 60667"> or

<meta name="website-address" content="20.593684;78.96288">

The content attribute for the website-address meta extension can be any
string or latitude and longitude separated by a semi-colon.


.         In case multiple instances are found of the same meta extension,
the last specified one should take precedence. 


.         Any change in the value of these extensions should be notified to
the UA. For example, a vendor could specify different customer service
numbers based on the accessing region of the user. The page could thus, via
JavaScript, modify the value of the website-number meta extension. This
should be notified to the user agent. 

.         The UA can choose to either launch the default applications
registered to handle the given content or simply choose to display the
content of these extensions as is to the user.

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Would appreciate feedback on the same.


Arpita Bahuguna



Received on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 10:10:42 UTC