Re: [whatwg] exposing dependencies + weights (aka, priorities) to web developers


Thanks for writing this up!

So to the extent we are simply exposing http/2 semantics, this spec seems
pretty clear. Two questions that I have that aren't answered by the http/2

- What do we expect the browser to do with priorities set cross domain. Eg,
if I express that depends on, does the browser do
anything about this. What if depends on Would
we tell that foo.js depends on blah.js?
- Developers might have something they would want to speculatively fetch
only if http/2 is being used (and therefore they know the resource won't
compete for bandwidth with other resources). Maybe this could be solved by
simply allowing the user to tell if the browser supports http/2. A more
advanced solution could be to allow the user to say "don't send this fetch
request unless it's over http/2".

One other thing I didn't see any mention of in the write up -- it could be
useful to change priority while the request is in flight. http/2 supports
this, so it'd be great if this spec could expose it.

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 6:16 PM, Ilya Grigorik <> wrote:

> (followup / continuation of [1])
> Trying to hash out some ideas for how to connect Fetch and the new
> transport capabilities of HTTP/2. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts:
> ig
> [1]

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