Re: [whatwg] Notifications improvements

On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:44 AM, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> I think the most low hanging fruit would be to add the following as
> data that can be displayed in a notification:
> * Progress bar

Tracked here:

> * Lists of title/body pairs

What exactly is this for?

> * Date (for things like "event will happen in 10 minutes")

Should this be part of a generic alarm API?

There's also a request for transient/toast notifications:

> Second, we really need to figure out the story around handling user
> clicking notifications after the user has closed the original page.

There's a proposal for that in a separate thread:

> We need to change the GC behavior. Right now it seems like if a
> Notification object is created, but no event listeners are attached,
> because the page is expecting to use the SW event to listen for
> clicks, the notification won't be kept alive and so the SW can't get
> to any of its data.

Notification objects can go away, but the notification concept cannot be GC'd.

> We also need to keep state on the Notification object if the user has
> clicked the notification or not.

Why is that?

> We should also consider enabling passing a URL to the Notification
> constructor which is opened when the user clicks the notification.
> Probably this should attempt to reuse an existing tab with said URL if
> one is open.

That might be an interesting way to let service workers spawn a new window.

> Third, we should look at enabling minimal user input through the
> Notification. It's very common for notifications to support having one
> or more buttons that the user can click. It would also be good to
> enable putting a simple text-input in the notification. This area is
> definitely more complex though so happy to put this last.


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