Re: [whatwg] OUTPUT tag: clarify purpose in spec?

On Sun, 25 Aug 2013, Richard Kennard wrote:
> Thanks for all the great work you do on the HTML 5 specification!
> Can I ask for a little clarification in the spec? Specifically it says:
>     "The output element represents the result of a calculation or user
>     action."
> It is my understanding (or hope!) that the output tag fills a hole in 
> form markup. For example, if this is the editable version of a form:
>     <label for="name">Name:</label><input id="name" type="text" value="Bob">
> Then this can be its read-only variant:
>     <label for="name" value="Name:"><output id="name">Bob</output>

No, the readonly variant would be:

     <label for="name">Name:</label><input id="name" type="text" value="Bob" readonly>

> Essentially, I am taking 'result of a calculation' to include 'values looked
> up from database, REST call, etc'. Is that correct?

I guess. I meant more actual calculations rather than just lookups, but 
lookups can be the results of "user action", so...

There's a lot of <output> examples in the spec; do they help at all?

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