Re: [whatwg] Window and WindowProxy

On 9/23/13 4:25 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> Isn't the answer to this question basically the answer to this thread?

I've lost track of what the "question" in this thread is...

> This new ES5/ES6 stuff all goes over my head, to be honest. I can't wrap
> my head around the implications, especially in a multi-global (let alone
> multi-origin) environment.


> Is there any chance people who do understand this stuff can tell me what
> it should do?

I'm trying, sort of.  ;)

> Ideally people from more than one browser vendor, since all
> the browsers disagree and I get really different answers when I speak 1:1
> to individuals from various browser vendors.

Mmm...  Sounds like we need some venue for standardizing this stuff or 


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