Re: [whatwg] High-density canvases

On Tue, 10 Sep 2013 21:22:51 +0100, Dean Jackson <> wrote:

> I think there are two separate things a developer might want:
> - the number of actual pixels that correspond to 1 CSS px without zoom
> - the page zoom
> If you merge the two, then an unsuspecting developer might think that  
> the user has zoomed in by 2x on an iPhone, and decide to make things  
> smaller.

Do you have an example of a page that does make things smaller to counter  
the zoom? Are you referring to some iPhone-specific workarounds (like  
position:fixed elements being problematic for zoom?)

I assumed that sites which don't like being zoomed in would just block it  
via <meta viewport>.

regards, Kornel

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