Re: [whatwg] Global script clean-up jobs and "spin the event loop"

On Tue, 28 May 2013, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> "Jump to a code entry-point" essentially maintains a stack of entry 
> scripts, to determine the "outermost" script in order to know whether to 
> run the global clean-up jobs.  This assumes that this algorithm will 
> always be entered and exited as a stack: an invocation of the algorithm 
> must always complete after any later invocations.
> Does this hold even in the face of multiple nested invocations of "spin 
> the event loop" algorithm?  That algorithm doesn't seem to try to 
> guarantee any kind of stack-like behavior.

I've fixed this, but I haven't tested to see what browsers actually do in 
this case. (This can only happen, as far as I can tell, in nested 
showModalDialog() loops that happen to resume out-of-order. I suspect in 
reality browsers won't let you do this, which would make this moot?)

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