Re: [whatwg] Canvas in workers

Le 13/10/2013 18:12, Glenn Maynard a écrit :
> On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:01 AM, David Bruant <> 
> wrote:
>>     bool commit();
>>> Boolean as return value for success? :-s
>> A promise instead maybe? throw instead of false at least?
>> In any case, it looks like commit could be a long operation (tell me if
>> I'm wrong here. Do you have numbers on how long it takes/would take?),
>> having it async sounds reasonable.
> This should be synchronous and never block.
I might have misused the word "async" again, sorry about that. I think 
we agree.

> Even if the Canvas is in a
> different process, it should be possible to do this with IPC without
> waiting for the other side to process the change.
How does a worker know when the changes on the screen happened? I 
imagine a worker would want to know that before performing other changes 
to the canvas.


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