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Re: [whatwg] Microdata status

From: Karl Dubost <karl@la-grange.net>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 15:00:24 +0800
Message-Id: <5586BAF9-8FE2-476D-8AF8-3770FBF3DD50@la-grange.net>
To: "Michael[tm] Smith" <mike@w3.org>
Cc: whatwg@lists.whatwg.org, Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz>, Alex Russell <slightlyoff@google.com>, Ojan Vafai <ojan@chromium.org>

Le 30 mai 2013 à 12:39, Michael[tm] Smith a écrit :
> Alex or somebody else writes up an alternative API proposal they can be
> happier with, it seems unlikely they're going to be re-implementing
> anything based on the current Microdata API spec.

In the process, if it ever happens, I would love to see something more or less common in between RDFaLite, data-* and microdata. When I explored [1] different ways of expressing the same information, the JS code to access the data is quite different and makes it not very user friendly in the end.

[1]: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/geolocation-html-api/

Karl Dubost
Received on Thursday, 30 May 2013 07:01:14 UTC

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