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Re: [whatwg] Media queries, viewport dimensions, srcset and picture

From: Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 10:39:14 +0900
Message-ID: <4FD00642.5010506@hicorp.co.jp>
To: whatwg@lists.whatwg.org

On 06/06/2012 21:36, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> More to the point, the important characteristic is being able to stop
> downloading *quarter* way through the file and get results that are as
> good as if the full-size file had been down sampled with both
> dimensions halved and that size had been sent as the full file. (I am
> not aware of a bitmap format suitable for photographs that has this
> characteristic. I am aware that JPEG 2000 does not have this
> characteristic. I believe interlaced PNGs have that characteristic,
> but they aren't suitable for photographs, due to the lossless
> compression.) 
IIRC Kodak's PhotoCD image format had this characteristic. The first
part is a low res. image, the second is the differences between the low
res. image zoomed to the high res. size and the actual high res. image.


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