[whatwg] How to render typographic puns in HTML5 -- aside, legend, alt, other?

I know that there are a variety of accessibility things in HTML5. Take a
look at this small collection of simple typographic puns, currently rendered
in SVG:




I've added <title> and <desc> to these in a way to explain the sometimes
visual effects to audiences that might not be reached by ordinary assistive
technology. The use of the mouse or examination of the source should reveal
what I'm up to.


Question: how would you folks advise doing this in HTML5. Legend was the
thing that came to mind, but it looks as though it's not usable everywhere.
Aside seems to have slightly different semantics, since it is not so much an
aside as an explanation.  Maybe this is where a micro-format is appropriate?




Received on Saturday, 15 October 2011 14:26:14 UTC