[whatwg] Displaying poster for audio in <video>

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> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 5:54 AM, Jeroen Wijering
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>> Hello all,
>> Playing audio in <video> succeeds consistently across browsers, as  
>> described in the spec:
>>  "Both audio and video elements can be used for both audio and video.  
>> The main difference between the two is simply that the audio element  
>> has no playback area for visual content (such as video or captions),  
>> whereas the video element does."
>> However, poster display behavior varies between browsers. Some browsers  
>> (FF, IE, Opera) will keep the poster up after an audio file has  
>> started, other browsers (Webkits, WinPho) clear the poster, which  
>> results in a blank area:
>>  http://goo.gl/0g77d
>> It would be good if this behavior could be rationalized and/or  
>> addressed in the spec. My preference would be to continue showing the  
>> poster image if the media file has no (active) video track - a poster  
>> image looks much better than a blank area.
>> Ideally, this would also be the case for "fullscreen" playback on  
>> mobile devices.
> I agree that keeping up the poster frame is the more useful behavior,
> and that this should be specified in the spec.

It is already.

"When no video data is available (... the media resource does not have a  
video channel), the video element represents the poster frame."

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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