[whatwg] multiple itemtypes in microdata?

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> On Tue, 28 Jun 2011, Philip J?genstedt wrote:
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>> >
>> > In the user feedback from the schema.org proposal, which uses
>> > microdata as its syntax, we have seen several use cases that would
>> > seem to require multiple itemtypes per itemscope.
>> >
>> > Currently the microdata spec only allows one itemtype which defines
>> > the meaning of the vocabulary for subsequent itemprops.
>> >
>> > Allowing an arbitrary list of itemtypes would not be desirable because
>> > then a user agent would have to have knowledge of the type
>> > vocabularies in order to parse the page.
>> Nothing needs to be known about the vocabulary in order to handle
>> itemtype currently, at least if by "user agent" you mean browsers and
>> the DOM API. In other words, allowing multiple types wouldn't be a
>> problem here.
> That depends how multiple types are done. If all the non-URL properties
> are assumed to be those defined by the first type, then it's fine. But if
> you want to be able to use terms from either vocabulary, you'd need
> vocabulary knowledge to be able to preprocess the data, which would be
> counter to microdata's design goals.
> (For example, suppose you have types A and B and A defined property  
> 'foo'.
> You have:
>   <div itemscope itemtype="A B">
>     <span itemprop="foo">...</span>
>   </div>
>   <div itemscope itemtype="B A">
>     <span itemprop="foo">...</span>
>   </div>
> If type "B" later has a property "foo" defined as well, the meaning of
> existing pages changes, as does the necessary processing for generic
> processors that just want to tag each item with unambiguous properties
> (e.g. the vocabulary-agnostic Microdata to RDFa conversion algorithm).


Indeed, multiple types doesn't work at all if you want to mix different  
types. I was assuming that the use case was to extend types, kind of like  
http://schema.org/Person/Governor. However, it doesn't work all that well  
even in that case, since there's no way to know which type is the  
extension of the other and which properties exist only on the extended  

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