[whatwg] Run javascript code once

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Diogo Resende wrote:
> I would like your opinion on this use case:
> I have an app divided in several modules, each one has a javascript code 
> that needs to run to show the module page and init the interactions. The 
> app is not supposed to reload to show each module.
> What is the best way to fetch the javascript code and run it? Add a 
> <script> for that module and remove it when switching to another module? 
> Download using AJAX or other technology and use eval()?

I'm not sure I understand the use case exactly.

If you just mean that you have several different "panels" or "modes" that 
the user can switch between, then I would recommend just having several 
<section> elements, one for each module, and all but the active one have a 
hidden="" attribute. Script-wise, you'd just have each script loaded and 
active from the start, they'd just only work with their own sections.

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