[whatwg] Codecs (Re: PeerConnection feedback)

On 05/31/11 23:45, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Apr 2011, James Salsman wrote:
>> >
>> >  Sorry for the top posting, but I would like to reiterate my considered
>> >  opinion that Speex be supported for recording.  It is the standard
>> >  format available from Adobe Flash recording, low bandwidth, open source
>> >  and unencumbered, efficient, and it is high quality for its bandwidth.
> My plan with the codecs issue here is to let the implementors figure out
> which codecs they want to implement, and then once there's a common set
> across all the implementations, to require that. So I would recommend
> petitioning the implementors if you have particular codec desires. :-)
I can't find James' original post, so this may be a new subject line - I 
just want to note that the recent WebRTC code release from Google 
contains implementations of both iLBC and iSAC codecs; we believe that 
makes them open-source, unencumbered and implemented (with all the usual 

Others will have to discuss the properties that make one or the other 
best for a particular application; part of that discussion will happen 
on the public-webrtc at w3.org list and the rtcweb at ietf.org list.


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