[whatwg] Application Cache

Dear Friends of HTML5,

i think i have the topic back on the list in my mind. I know already two

1) Whitelisting the index file (having the manifest) - create a splash
screen to walk through. Whitelist the (previous) master file like a normal
network resource there.
For a CMS with scripts, css and images from Disk, create a
example.com/cached-version-start.html with the manifest. Whitelist the
master, where you wanted the manifest before. You can go through "a door or
a splash screen" for a half-cached-site, where scripts and styles with long
loading times come from disk.

2) Adding files to the cache. The Video HTML5 Wow and the How demonstrates
the FileAPI. Ok, with this API and some Storage i can write down all the
pages received. This will be what i will use, if i can?t bring the additions
to the cache.

The two are no excuses for letting the few functions for the cache out of
the cache. The media there is already grouped as normal pages and media and
behave like. You don?t have to do much more working around with the file
api, to reach the implementation of the cache, ok, you got to do the same
work. But only once, to add the functions. FileAPI users would have to write
a cache-lib or programm that every application again. I think the cache
would benefit from it?s expansion.

I think the Manifest Container is a good Spot. But i prefer to add Classes
for the three List containers, extending the Vector and the Map a little.
This seems to be better programming for me,
but i could change mind and say the operations working from the manifest on,
using the vector and map functions and elements inside to handle that, is
overviewabler (seems, or? now i mean second is better, using manifest).

My fault, that i haven?t made it yet to the IDL and script binding to the
functions. Sorry. I?ll be motivated to beat you soon, ok?


Edward Gerhold

Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 12:07:22 UTC