[whatwg] Clarification of the relative priorities of network vs fallback namespaces for main vs sub resource loads.

In section  "6.6.6 Changes to the networking model" which applies to
sub resource loads, step 3 prevents returning fallback resources for
requested urls that fall into a network namespace.

In section "6.5.1 Navigating across documents" which applies to main
resource loads, step 17 does not explicitly exclude returning
fallbacks for such urls.

I doubt this difference is intentional, looks like step 17 needs some
<additional words>...

"If the resource was not fetched from an application cache, and was to
be fetched using HTTP GET or equivalent, and its URL matches the
fallback namespace <but not the network namespace> of one or more
relevant application caches..."

Received on Thursday, 11 November 2010 12:34:11 UTC