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[whatwg] What will not work when we do not have server ?

From: narendra sisodiya <narendra.sisodiya@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 19:35:01 +0530
Message-ID: <e3fb97f31003290705g480abc51vba261274175d6125@mail.gmail.com>
Dear all,
    I am making a (uff from long time) some e-learning modules using HTML5.
The idea is just to make a full interactive lectures (audio, video, svg
animations , JavaScript, canvas , all sort of new good web technologies etc
But there is a little problem. Student will be able to download as a zip
file. When they want to watch those html5 based interactive tutorials, all
they need to click on index.html which will open the tutorial.
 I want to ask that what will not work in this mode.
for example, I have cheked that some basic jQuery ajax demos are working
well in both url
http://localhost/narendra/demo.html OR file:///var/www/narenda/demo.html

I want to know the list for all the such drafts which will not work without
server. So that I will avoid them Or try to get some workaround.

?    Narendra Sisodiya ( ???????? ???????? )
?    Society for Knowledge Commons
?    Web : http://narendra.techfandu.org
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