[whatwg] XSS safe templating

On Mar 10, 2010, at 9:52 AM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> On 3/10/10 12:45 PM, Mike Samuel wrote:
>>> FWIW, in Gecko currently, the stringification happens a few  
>>> abstraction layers away from the parser, so implementing your  
>>> suggestion would involve punching holes in those abstractions.
>> Ah, so there's a layer that sits between the XPCOM object and the JS
>> Host object that knows a DOMString is expected, and does the JS foo
>> necessary to convert to a string?
> That's correct.  The C++ object just implements a method as declared  
> in the DOM IDL; there is a glue layer responsible for coercing the  
> arguments actually given to the types declared in the IDL.  This  
> isn't just the case in Gecko; Webkit+JSC has similar behavior.

Correct, the type coercion is autogenerated code based on IDL.

>  I'd assume that Webkit+V8 does as well, though I haven't looked at  
> the code.

V8's DOM bindings are autogenerated from the same IDL and in roughly  
the same way as the ones for JavaScriptCore, so yes.


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