[whatwg] Fullscreen for HTML5 Video element

On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 14:35 +0530, balachandar muruganantham wrote:

> Hi,
> I have heard from people that there have been a discussion on
> supporting the fullscreen mode for HTML5 video element. can anyone
> share the information on the conclusion we arrived at? i searched in
> the archive but i could not come to any conclusion. 
> -bala

Not according to the spec:

"User agents should not provide a public API to cause videos to be shown
full-screen. A script, combined with a carefully crafted video file,
could trick the user into thinking a system-modal dialog had been shown,
and prompt the user for a password. There is also the danger of "mere"
annoyance, with pages launching full-screen videos when links are
clicked or pages navigated. Instead, user-agent-specific interface
features may be provided to easily allow the user to obtain a
full-screen playback mode"


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