[whatwg] The new content model for <details> breaks rendering in MSIE5-7

2009-09-29 19:10, Dean Edwards skrev:

> There is a nasty side effect though. As you mentioned the
> document.write() should be the last thing in the <head>. If there are
> any scripts following the document.write() then they are *not executed*.
> I consider this a serious drawback. With server software generating
> script elements all over the place there are bound to be problems with
> this technique. It would be nice to find a better solution.

I consider this a deal breaker. Fragile and unintuitive hacks, that 
really no one knows or can explain why they work, is NOT the kind of 
things we should rely on when pushing for HTML5.

Keryx Web (Lars Gunther)

Received on Tuesday, 29 September 2009 11:30:12 UTC