[whatwg] Please always use utf-8 for Web Workers

The importScripts portion of the Web Workers API is compatible with 
existing scripts, but I'm all for more UTF-8 :)  If the restriction is 
added to the spec, I'd want to know that a very clear error was going to 
be thrown explaining the problem.

Jonathan 'J5' Cook

Simon Pieters wrote:
> Workers are new and seems very likely to be incompatible with existing 
> scripts. So it is not subject to legacy content with legacy encodings. 
> Therefore, we should be able to always use utf-8 for workers. Always 
> using utf-8 is simpler to implement and test and encourages people to 
> switch to utf-8 elsewhere.

Received on Friday, 25 September 2009 06:31:41 UTC