[whatwg] article/section/details naming/definition problems

Henri wrote:
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Ah, you beat me to it. I was just about to write an email to the list,  
honestly. ;-)

So anyway, the upshot of my somewhat unscientific survey[1] conducted  
at a workshop a couple of weeks ago is that there is great confusion  
between the <section> and <article> elements.

In that blog post, I point out that <section> and <article> were once  
more divergent but have converged over time (since the @cite and  
@pubdate attributes were dropped from <article>).

I've also seen a lot of confusion from authors wondering when to use  
<section> and when to use <article>. Bruce wrote an article on HTML5  
doctor recently to address this:

Probably the best tutorial I've seen on this issue is from Ted:

...but even so, the confusion remains. The very fact that tutorials  
are required for what should be intuitive structural elements is  
worrying ? I don't see the same issues around <nav>, <header> or  
<footer> (now that the content model has been changed) ...although  
there is continuing confusion around <aside>.


Is there a strong enough case for having two separate new elements or  
they close enough in functionality that one of them could be dropped?

Personally, I don't have a strong opinion about which element name  
should be dropped, but I do think that dropping one of them would make  
life easier for authors.


[1] Details of the exercise: http://adactio.com/journal/1605/

Jeremy Keith

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