[whatwg] Spec comments, section 4.11

On Mon, 7 Sep 2009, Aryeh Gregor wrote:
> In "The command element":
> 'the checkbox" maps to the Checkbox'
> Missing 'keyword "' or such before 'checkbox'.


> In "The menu element":
> "Tool bar" looks weird to me.  Isn't "toolbar" more common?

"Tool bar" appears to be the historically correct term, "toolbar" seems to 
be a new spelling.

> In "Introduction" (subsection of "The menu element"):
> Is it intentional that the "save" button has an id, and none of the others do?

Probably originally. Removed it though. :-)

> Also, no offense to whoever made that image, but maybe someone could 
> volunteer to whip up something that looks a little more attractive? We 
> have some designers who post here, I think.

Volunteers welcome!

> In "Commands":
> "This attribute will be shadowed by the icon attribute on command elements."
> What does "shadowed" mean here?

It means the same as it always means in computer science:


> Should it be a link to something? The same goes for the other attributes 
> with similar sentences.  Also, in two cases it says "xxx IDL attribute", 
> and twice it omits the word IDL -- is that intentional?


> In "The div element":
> "she plays her new physique to the neighbors regularly, in an attempt to 
> get pets."
> It's an example and a rather whimsical one at that, but I don't know 
> what "plays her new physique" means

She lost her leg (when she came back from her 3-week absence it was 
broken, and despite 3 hours of surgery trying to save it, it had to be 
amputated), and now she goes out and limps on purpose near our neighbours 
to get them to pet her. It works, too. She really plays that pity card to 
its full possible potential.

> and would think you mean "to get petted" or such.

I was using "pets" in the plural noun form.

> (And I'm an American, FWIW.  :P)

I'm British. :-)

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