[whatwg] Date/time field types - min, max, popup UI.

Lachlan, that's an interesting take, which at first glance does seem  
like the right approach. There would need to be some guidance as to  
how tall the object needed to be to switch behavior.


On 8/09/2009, at 8:07 PM, Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> Sigurd Magnusson wrote:
>> I see that the spec does not appear to concern itself with the
>> presentation of date pickers.
> This issue is probably best addressed within CSS, possibly by adding  
> more suitable values to the 'appearance' property, or possibly even  
> picking an appropriate rendering simply based on the 'height' and  
> 'width' of the control, much like a type=range control switches from  
> a horizontal to vertical slider if the width is narrower than the  
> height.
> e.g. If the styling makes the dimensions too high for rendering as a  
> drop down style widget, the UA could switch to a layout that shows  
> the whole calander for a month or two instead of a drop down.

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