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On Mon, 31 Aug 2009, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> >
> > Upon further consideration I've renamed getStorageUpdates() to 
> > yieldForStorageUpdates().
> 'yield' usually refers to halting execution. I would expect the above 
> name to stop the current thread and allow other threads to run. While 
> that is what could be happening here, I'm not sure that is the primary 
> function of the call.

It's more or less exactly what the method does, no?

> I really liked Darin's (?) suggestion of allowStorageUpdates as that 
> seems to exactly describe the intended use of the function. We no longer 
> prevent other page from updating the storage.

"allow" implies a state change, which I don't think really matches what is 
happening here. ("How do I disallow updates?")

On Mon, 31 Aug 2009, Mike Wilson wrote:
> Is there a preference for having the name indicate
> that "we" are finishing our own transaction, ie
>   myStorageUpdatesAreNowComplete
>   endStorageUpdates
>   finishStorageUpdates
>   commitStorageUpdates
>   flushStorageUpdates
>   saveStorageUpdates
> or should it indicate that "others" are now welcome
> to do their stuff, such as in:
>   otherPagesStorageUpdatesAreNowWelcome
>   allow(Other)StorageUpdates
>   enable(Other)StorageUpdates
> ?

I think we want more the second, but with shorter names.

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