[whatwg] Storage mutex and cookies can lead to browser deadlock

On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Jeremy Orlow <jorlow at chromium.org> wrote:

> Does the silence mean that no one has any intention of implementing this?

I'm silent because I'm not currently working on this stuff so I can't say
what our plans are. But I'll be upset if I find out our plans are to break
the single-threaded model.

Alternatively, we could make it so that each statement is atomic, but that
> you have to use such a mechanism for anything more complicated. For example:
> localStorage.accountBalance = localStorage.accountBalance + accountDelta;
>  // It's atomic, so no worries!
> var balance = localStorage.accountBalance;  /* Oh no!!!!  This isn't safe
> since it's implemented via multiple statements... */
> localStorage.accountBalance = balance + accountDelta;  /* ....we should
> have used localStorage.executeAtomic! */
> Such ideas would definitely lighten lock contention and possibly eliminate
> the need for yieldForStorageUpdates (formerly getStorageUpdates).  Another
> major bonus is that it'd allow us to expose localStorage to workers again,
> which is one of the top complaints I've gotten when talking to web
> developers about localStorage.
Making what should be (and always have been) meaning-preserving
transformations like splitting one JS statement into two no longer
meaning-preserving --- and in a non-testable way, to boot --- seems like a
pretty bad idea to me.

I know this is radical stuff, but the way things are speced currently just
> are not practical.

I think that expecting Web developers to reason about concurrency and race
conditions is not practical.

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