[whatwg] Adding alpha channel to <input type=color>

On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, Victor Vasiliev wrote:
> Section says that color must be in sRGB. However, it may be 
> handful for some applications to have alpha channel specified, since 
> many GUI libraries (GTK has it; I'm also told Mac OS supports it as 
> well) support color picker with opacity control.
> I suggest to add a boolean attribute "alpha" to <input type=color> 
> (disabled by default). If this attribute is present, the color well 
> allows to set opacity value, and instead of sRGB, sends RGBA.

This seems like a reasonable thing to add in a future version. I haven't 
added it to HTML5, since we're so close to last call, but if our 
experience with type=color when the UAs widely support it suggests this is 
important, we can prioritise this as a new feature in the next version.

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