[whatwg] Author requirements of the progress element

Hi, all

I'd like to talk about the author requirements of the progress element.

There are some cases in the requirements.
But one case is dropped.

"The value attribute is specified but the max attribute is not specified"

Is this case intended to be dropped?
If so, why?

I think that this case is necessary specially in Japanese language.
Word order of Japanese language is different from English language.
In addition, Japanese people often use kanji characters or two-byte characters to represent the completion progress of a task.
So, the case of "no value, no max, 2 numbers in <progress>" is not easy to use in Japanese document.
Neither, the case of "no value, max specified, 1 number in <progress>".
But the case of "value specified, no max" is easy to use in Japanese language.
For example, 

<progress value="0.2">kanji characters which represent 20%</progress>

In this case, the max value should be 1.
So, UAs can determine the rate of the progress.
I think that this case has no problem as one of the requirements.

I know that I can use the case of "value specified, max specified".

<progress value="0.2" max="1">kanji characters which represent 20%</progress>

But, I think that there is no reason why the case of "value specified, no max" is dropped.

Thank you.

Futomi Hatano

Received on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 05:01:54 UTC