[whatwg] <a onlyreplace>

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> I actually consider that a loss.  It's addressing a different problem,
> you see.  HTMLOverlays is basically client-side includes.  While you

It's client-side only because I implemented in JS that way! Explain
me what prevents from implementing server-side?

> I think you misunderstand the mechanics of @onlyreplace.  It doesn't
> change anything when you first load a page, and it shouldn't be at all
> similar to prefetching.  It only operates when you click on a link
> with the @onlyreplace attribute.  The browser then makes an ordinary
> request for the desired page, parses it with scripting disabled, and
> locates elements with the given ids to swap into the old page.

Exactly. And I said this is a good start and not enough. We could do
simple AND more powerful than that.


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