[whatwg] noreferrer link relation clarifications

I was wondering if I could get some clarification about a couple things in
the specification of the noreferrer link relation:
1.  Is it the intent for the opener attribute to potentially be non-null
when a hyperlink does not create a new browsing context?  That is, should
any page that cares to use the noreferrer link relation and truly wants to
suppress the opener attribute be expected to do that suppression manually or
use target="_blank"?  I'm not clear whether there's any reason for the
source page to care whether its opener is exposed, rather than just being
concerned whether it appears as the opener.

2.  What is the proper behavior of a statement like <a rel="noreferrer"
href="#foo">Scroll to foo</a> ?  It's a bit absurd to suppress to be
requesting that a referrer not be sent for a scrolling action (since no
requests should be sent anyway), so presumably the behavior is simply to
ensure that the opener attribute remains intact?

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