[whatwg] <a onlyreplace>

2009/10/19 Schuyler Duveen <whatwg at graffitiweb.org>:
> I'm starting to think the addressability is the main constraint. ?What
> if the original @onlyreplace anchor tag:
> ? <a onlyreplace="id1 id2" href="page2.html" />
> would be equivalent to something like this:
> ? <a href="#view(page2.html id1 id2)" />
> which would process onload or onhashchange as we've been describing
> @onlyreplace and would appear in the browser's location bar. ?A more
> complicated one (after two jumps) might look something like:
> http://example.com/page1.html#view(page2.html id1 id2);view(page3 id3)

Then you are putting specific functionality in the hash. And you would
have to, to allow bookmarking. But this breaks the semantics of
linking, whereby the hash corresponds to a place within the page
(which AJAX applications sometimes use to reconstruct some sort of
state). What you are suggesting is putting this AJAX pattern in the
browser, in a specific format.

I'm not keen on solving this problem by changing the way linking
works; that was the beauty of the original proposal (other problems
notwithstanding). This seems like a fancy way to bookmark frames...

Nelson Menezes

Received on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 04:22:15 UTC