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I'll try to fix my example.
The table button is not "refresh" but a "next" button that keeps track of the table navigation.

That is a valid use case , isn't it? (at least by your first suggestion). You still wouldn't want the server to do any heavy calculation except for the data that needs to be displayed.

I tried to find an extreme use case but even showing the navigation panels often evolves lots of server work.
Examples can be license and permission checks for an entire tree and parsing xml files containing tab contents.
Some of this work can be avoided by using session caching but some is not, mainly security checks.

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> On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 11:22 AM, tali garsiel  wrote:
>> When I said an optimization is a must I didn't just mean bandwidth.
>> Imagine this use case:
>> You have a page with a chart and a table showing data calculated from complex statistical analysis on your huge database.
>> Both the chart and the table have "refresh" buttons implemented with "".
>> Recalculating the chart when you refresh the table or vice verse will not be acceptable by your project manager :)
>> The server will need to know what is currently requested.
>> The solution is not necessarily to strip the content, but the server must get information of the updated parts and choose what to calculate.
> That's not really an appropriate use of @onlyreplace. Just put the
> chart and table in s with @name and use &lt;a target&gt; to refresh&lt;br /&gt;&gt; them. That also automatically optimizes bandwidth, since the subpages&lt;br /&gt;&gt; that the chart and frame will live on contain *only* them.&lt;br /&gt;&gt;&lt;br /&gt;&gt; (Preventing this sort of abuse might be a good reason to do the "only&lt;br /&gt;&gt; &lt;base&gt; can carry an id list" revision.)&lt;br /&gt;&gt;&lt;br /&gt;&gt; ~TJ&lt;br /&gt; 		 	   		  
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