[whatwg] Transparent Content

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>> From: Tab Atkins Jr.
>> Neither of you are *quite* right, but you are much closer to correct
>> than your colleague. ?A transparent element *must* contain the same
>> kinds of elements that its direct parent can. ?The meaning of
>> transparent is simply that, if you removed the element but left its
>> children, the document would still be conforming.
>> It does *not* mean that you can wrap a transparent element around
>> anything, as some elements have very specific rules about what
>> children they may have. ?Frex, you can't wrap an arbitrary transparent
>> element around a <td>.
> So, if I understand correctly I should read:
> When a content model includes a part that is "transparent", that part must not contain content that would not be conformant if the transparent element in the tree would be removed, while retaining the order of the tree."
> ?

Yes, that's correct.  It's essentially a rewording of what's in the
spec (just more focused on the element rather than the
parent/children, as the current spec text is).


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