[whatwg] framesets

> Thanks for responding. Perhaps you can show me otherwise, but containing a
> browsable tree insided a fixed sidebar does not give us independently
> scrolling subwindows side by side on one page, with the possibility of
> editing in either subwindow without the slightest effect n the other. That
> is the requirement, framesets let us meet it, and nothing else we know of
> does.

How about overflow-y:scroll? (PoC: http://rimantas.com/bits/cssscroll.html ).
However I do not agree that this kind of navigation necessarily
"provides level of usability higher
than any other method of presenting content of such type".

> (Of course even if it is possible to do it without frames, new standards
> ought not to require that perfectly functional, legal, working code be
> rewritten on pain of standards non-compliance.)

New standards to not require anyone to rewrite anything. Older standards
stay valid. Why not just use HTML4 with frameset DTD?


Received on Friday, 9 October 2009 00:49:43 UTC