[whatwg] Contingency plans

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Elizabeth Castro wrote:
> I've noticed a couple of instances in which the spec gives the content 
> model for a given element, like for example, the hgroup element contains 
> one or more of h1, h2, etc., and then specifies what should happen even 
> if the element doesn't contain what it's supposed to, as here where we 
> learn what an hgroup's rank should be if it is empty:
> > The rank of an hgroup element is the rank of the highest-ranked h1?h6 
> > element descendant of the hgroup element, if there are any such 
> > elements, or otherwise the same as for an h1 element (the highest 
> > rank).
> It seems like it's implying that it's OK for the hgroup to not follow 
> its own content model.
> Or is it just saying what should happen if it is erroneously empty?

The latter.

You can hide all the implementation-specific stuff by switching the view 
mode of the spec using the widget at the top right of the document to 
"Hide UA text". There's also a third mode, "Highlight UA text", which 
highlights in red the bits that are hidden in the "Hide UA text" mode.

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