[whatwg] Issues with Web Sockets API

On 26.6.09 16:49, Michael Nordman wrote:
> Progress bars are routinely implemented without get hi-level application
> acks from the other side. XMLHttpRequest.upload.onprogress is one such
> example.

That they can be implemented this way does not imply they must be implemented this way.  I don't see why the acks users will pretty much invariably have (if they're implementing something so complex as to want data-sent events) layered atop the base WebSocket don't suffice for this (and more accurately than simple out-of-the queue status notifications can establish).

>  > diagnostics
> Cell-phone signal strength bars are a form of diagnostics... existence
> proof of diagnostics being a significant use case.

Is WebSocket the optimal way to satisfy that use case?  (Also, to be clear, I wasn't suggesting that diagnostics aren't interesting, but they seem quite orthogonal to the primary use case of supporting two-way message passing.)

> This info about the status of the WebSocket would be easy to provide to
> callers of this API. There are easily found valid use cases for this
> additional status info. What compelling reason is there to not do so?
> Seems like low-hanging fruit if you ask me.

The use case may be valid, but I don't see it as compelling.  I don't see the gain as worth the added complexity to the interface, which at present is exactly as simple as it can be to support two-way message passing.  I expect the messages passed will usually follow send-ack sequencing (in one direction or the other, and particularly for users who care about exact data transmission), in which case reception of an ack signals progress has been made.


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