[whatwg] H.264-in-<video> vs plugin APIs

2009/6/13 Mike Shaver <mike.shaver at gmail.com>:
> On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Chris DiBona<cdibona at gmail.com> wrote:

>> No, but it is what I worry about. How agressive will mpeg.la be in
>> their interpretation of the direction that theora is going? I don't
>> think that is a reason to stop the current development direction (or
>> the funding of it) but I thought that Dirac, with the BBC connection,
>> might make a better opponent politically than Theora.

> I have reason to hope that Mozilla would be a good opponent
> politically as well; that was certainly one piece that we were glad to
> bring to the table. ?Not that I have anything against Dirac, and would
> love to see support for it as well, but I think it's farther from
> being web-practical due to bandwidth minimums than Theora is.

I'd also point out that Wikimedia has vast publicity abilities in this
direction. We're just very, very cautious in how and when we apply
them, for obvious reasons (we love everybody and want to stay their
friend, of course). And we're watching the progress of Theora and
Dirac on a day-by-day basis, for obvious reasons. So if you need large
charitable organisations to help you with making this the obvious
publicity choice for a happy Internet with cute fluffy kitties, I can
tell you we'll be right there!

- d.

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