[whatwg] Superset encodings [Re: ISO-8859-* and the C1 control range]

On Wed, 10 Jun 2009 00:08:23 +0200, ?istein E. Andersen <liszt at coq.no> wrote:
> Le 9 juin 09 ? 10h55, Anne van Kesteren ?crivit :
>> So should HTML5 mention that Windows-932 maps to Windows-31J? (It does  
>> not appear in the IANA registry.)
> That is an interesting question. My (apparently wrong) understanding was  
> that the table was merely supposed to provide mappings between  
> encodings,

It is about adding aliases. If the alias added is also a distinct encoding conformance checkers are supposed to report on the differences. Personally I would be happy with making the aliases normative everywhere but I suspect that is not going to fly. E.g. letting US-ASCII always map to Windows-1252 would probably be highly controversial.

> since such mappings are inappropriate in non-HTML contexts  
> and cannot be added to the IANA registry.

I would prefer them being added to the IANA registry.

> It might be to useful to  
> include a set of MIME charset strings which cannot be or have not yet  
> been registered (e.g., x-x-big5, x-sjis, windows-932) as well as  
> information on how CJK character sets are implemented in practice, both  
> of which seem to be necessary for compatibility.

Such information should definitely be included, yes.

> Such information does not fit comfortably in the current table, though.

Since you seem to have studied this subject a lot, do you keep more detailed information somewhere including tests, findings, tables, etc? It would be very cool to have that.

Anne van Kesteren

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