[whatwg] Google's use of FFmpeg in Chromium and Chrome

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> I think we've taken a very clear position on compliance but...
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> This is really a matter for the spec to handle one way or another, not
> Google.
> Chris

Compliance does not mean taking a position. It just means you follow the
spec as it is currently written. As it is currently written, the
default/recommended codec is not specified, so Google can do whatever.

The spec is currently not finalized, even though there have been few changes
the to <video> and <audio> parts of the HTML 5 recently. All people
participating in this mailing list are basically working to get that done.
Google, having a business primarily in the web, through search,
advertisements, etc. has a vested interest in HTML 5.

If most of the people interested in the <video> and <audio> parts of the
spec settle on Theora/Vorbis as the codec pair that must be provided in any
browser supporting those tags, then hopefully that part can be finished.

This includes Google, by proxy of you, Chris, since you're not really saying
that your posts do not reflect on Google, it could be assumed that. I gave
my opinion (
http://lists.whatwg.org/htdig.cgi/whatwg-whatwg.org/2009-June/020190.html )
supporting Theora and Vorbis as the opinion from the Enano CMS Project,
which I am affiliated with.

I suppose the same would be true for H?kon Wium Lie, since his posts don't
say that either. But he is the CTO of Opera, he can say whatever I guess...
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