[whatwg] <video> and acceleration

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009, Simon Fraser wrote:
> Taking the video full-screen is an approach that makes a lot of sense 
> for mobile devices. It's unfortunate that the spec shies away from the 
> full-screen issue.

The spec doesn't really shy away from it; it's just that the spec isn't 
the right place for it. There are two options as I see it: video-specific 
full page as you describe here, which is easily provided by a user-agent 
specific user interface (e.g. a button that appears when you hover on the 
video), and the general full-screen mechanism along with media-specific 
style sheets (e.g. F11 and media=projection).

> If the spec does say something about performance of <video>, I think it 
> should be no more than a note that performance may differ across 
> browsers, and can be affected in various ways that may be non-obvious to 
> the page author, related to the layout and styling of the video and 
> other elements on the page.

I don't think such a note wold really be of much help to authors, so I 
haven't included it.

I agree with the rest of your comments.

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