[whatwg] Rel and META values

Hixie wrote:
>> 1. Should I change all of the values derived from XFN from  
>> "proposal" to
>> "accepted" as they seem to fit this criteria?
> Sure.


> All we  really need is a core group of strong-minded people who are  
> willing to own
> this problem and maintain this list responsibly (saying no to most
> proposals, demanding rigorous specs for those they accept, preventing
> duplicates, documenting existing practices and implementations, etc).
> The "community" right now is defined as the microformats+w3c  
> communities.
> I'd like a more dedicated community, but that doesn't just happen on  
> its
> own -- someone has to step forward and own that process. It's a lot of
> work, and if we are to have continuity and stability in the process,  
> it
> would have to be someone willing to commit to this for many years.

I'll raise this with the microformats community. While I don't the  
microformats community itself is the right group for this job, I think  
that many of the people in the community would be well-suited (and  
have experience).

I'll be sure to make the longevity of committing to a new community  
process clear.



Jeremy Keith

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Received on Wednesday, 22 July 2009 04:49:40 UTC