[whatwg] input type="url" allow URLs without http:// prefix

Hi Cabal

The eleventy squillion WordPress sites out there that allow comments ask  
for your web page address as well as name and email. The method of  
entering a URL does not require the http:// prefix; just beginning the URL  
with www is accepted.

As it's very common for people to drop the http:// prefix on advertising,  
business cards etc (and who amongst us reads out the prefix when reading a  
URL on the phone?) I'd like to suggest that input type="url" allows the  
http:// prefix to be optional on input and, if ommitted, be assumed when  

Hang loose and stay groovy,

Bruce Lawson
Web Evangelist
www.opera.com (work)
www.brucelawson.co.uk (personal)

Received on Sunday, 12 July 2009 01:46:19 UTC