[whatwg] Adding SVG Filter-like functionality to Canvas 2D Context

> Doing filters in <canvas> is an interesting idea, but I think that it is
> probably too early to add it. We have dozens of feature requests for the
> next version of <canvas> already.
> For what it's worth, you can do filters manually using getImageData() and
> putImageData().

But if we begin with a more declarative approach now, we can actually
encourage browser vendors to include the functionality if they want
greater speed. Fallbacks to putImageData would provide basic
functionality anywhere, but if a vendor wants to access greater speed
for say, photo editing or games, he can chose to add filter support
and see an immediate speed increase.

Basically, filters for Canvas would provide new functionality through
speed. Responsiveness would increase dramatically for certain kinds of

Received on Monday, 6 July 2009 16:03:06 UTC