[whatwg] Fragments included in Application Cache master entries

The current behavior in Webkit is for URL fragments to be stored in the
URLs for master entries. I believe this to be a bug in Webkit, but cannot
determine from the spec if this is or not.


1. Navigate to: http://www.thecssninja.com/demo/offline_webapp/#foo
2. Go offline
3. Do a browser refresh and ensure the page refreshes from AppCache.
4. Change the URL hash to #bar
5. Do a browser refresh and notice that it fails to load.

I've filed a bug on webkit.org (
regarding this, but realized that the spec is unclear about what is
expected here. Since fragments are not sent to servers, I can't see
why they would be included in the master entry URLs as they make no
difference in the content that is served.

Anyone know if the spec does in fact address this issue?

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