[whatwg] Open Slide Format

Dear All,
   I am looking for open slide format or a format which is can be standard
for slides on web. I am working on a project where i am creating on
slideshows and editor. I am currently i am mainly looking into s5 type of
format which use id , class and other attribute to send slide information.
Moreover there are some  more issues like uniform display of slides, because
html is just rendered depends on browser.
What is your opinion on this. If you want to checkout the complete project
specification you can click here -- http://eduvid.techfandu.org/

?    Narendra Sisodiya ( ???????? ???????? )
?    R&D Engineer
?    Web : http://narendra.techfandu.org
?    Twitter : http://tinyurl.com/dz7e4a
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