[whatwg] do not encourage use of small element for legal text

I have addressed all Andrew's points previously.  Please forgive my posting
an outline of the arguments here.
  1. The specification does not encourage using the SMALL element for legal
notices.  It merely allows the SMALL element to contain legal notices.
  2. Legal texts are unreadable on their own; putting them in small text
does not make them any less readable.  This statement does not make me an
anarchist; I can say the same about math :-)
  3. Legal texts are best read copied to Notepad because they do not and
cannot contain any normative markup.  (They are also best displayed in an
inline frame, especially because the editor of the page is usually not
allowed to edit them.)
  4. I concur that warranties should be added to disclaimers in the text to
make it less negatively biased.

Received on Thursday, 2 July 2009 12:55:07 UTC