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[whatwg] The <keygen> element

From: James Ide <ide@berkeley.edu>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 17:49:10 -0700
Message-ID: <fb9bd46d0904071749w1d0ff26jc362d39c4b1eff93@mail.gmail.com>
> Why would it be more flexible to use another element? Surely attributes
> are just as flexible.

Attributes are flexible if they are named generically (e.g. just
params=""). But as soon as they are named dsaparams="" or ecparams="",
UAs are somewhat precluded from adding some new algorithm XYZ because
of the lack of an xyzparams="" attribute. In short, if it is likely
that UAs will support more than just two or three popular signature
algorithms, it may be worthwhile to allow authors to specify a name
and parameters for any arbitrary algorithm. (It doesn't have to be
with elements - that was just an initial suggestion.) Otherwise, if
RSA, DSA, and perhaps ECs are the only prevalent algorithms (and will
continue to be so), then adding rsaparams, dsaparams, and ecparams as
attributes sounds good to me (and less verbose!).

> More importantly, we cannot use an element because <keygen> parses just like
> <input> and friends.

Right - I'm not quite sure that it's worthwhile to bring on this change.

- James
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