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[whatwg] video tag javascript library for contemporary browsers

From: Michael Dale <dale@ucsc.edu>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:45:22 -0700
Message-ID: <48F52102.2000306@ucsc.edu>
Just wanted to give this list heads up about the mv_embed library we use 
on the metavid.org site.

The idea of the library is to abstract an ~html5 like~ video 
implementation for multiple underlining plugin types. Allowing a web 
designer to target a single extended DOM element with html5 like 
properties and have it apply across many different underlining browser 

Once the javascript library is included in the page the web developer 
can use the the video tag. A top level video tag with child flash and 
ogg source types is also supported (the library auto-negotiates what the 
client can playback based on plugin detection and then selects that 
format for display)
The library also supports seeking, remote embedding, inline display of 
timed text/html (via CMML), skinning the play controls via css, the ROE 
media description format, thumbnails and other features.

more info at:

the metavid.org site of course makes heavy use of the library for its 
collaborative transcription and annotation system for pubic domain us 
house and senate floor footage.  more info about metavid at:
http://metavid.org   or the blog:  http://metavid.org/blog

What do people think about this approach to support older browsers or 
browsers that are slow to pick up the tag?

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